Bangladesh commissions stops gambling and pornography websites

A significant step was taken by Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on Monday, blocking over 2200 gambling sites as well as over 15,000 adult websites. The crackdown likewise included the closing down of two prominent video sharing apps for smartphones– Tik Tok and Bingo.

Last Thursday, it was announced that 176 such betting websites had actually been obstructed in Bangladesh. There were 1279 pornographic sites obstructed within the nation too, nonetheless, that number grew significantly over the weekend.

Purity and also retaliation

According to a message published on Facebook by Telecom as well as Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar, the action was created to provide a safer area on the Internet that was free of “indecent web content.” The priest described that making use of the Net was meant to be for the “benefit” of youths, and that grown-up and gambling websites were discovered to be in violation.

Since February 7, 4500 adult web sites have been shut at the direction of the ministry. Not just were 2235 wagering websites prevented from sight in Bangladesh, yet the BTRC additionally purchased the closure of 176 wagering sites on Sunday.

The blocking of the apps seems purely for political reasons. Following the national political elections, 2 users of the video game Tik Tok buffooned what they called “anomalies” in the election results. This clearly appears to be a transfer to silence dissent bordering the political elections that were held on December 30 of last year.

The election was spoiled by many instances of violence, and there were multiple insurance claims of vote rigging. Kamal Hossain, the opposition leader that shed the political election, required that brand-new political elections be held, and also a lot of his followers have actually required to apps such as Tik Tok to voice their dissent.

This is not the first time that the BTRC has actually opted to obstruct such sites. 3 weeks before the election 47 websites were blocked, followed by 54 being prohibited within Bangladesh the following day. This brought the overall listing to 101, which included prominent sites like and also

Many of these websites returned on-line days later, as 58 websites were unblocked. The majority of the websites that were blocked were straight pertaining to news, so it was an unexpected step that the government chose to rely on pornography and gaming sites in their most recent suppression.

All Net usage is completely controlled by the International Internet Portal. This firm has the authority to block any kind of web site they or the BTRC deems offending or unacceptable for public viewing. While a lot of the websites were brought back in December, it’s doubtful that any of the betting websites will certainly be unblocked.

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