Most Popular Payment Processors Used by Online Casinos

Which Payment Processors are Used the Most at Online Casinos?

Online casinos have been one of the biggest trendsetters across the internet based world. The technology that is used at online casinos has helped to drive forward many casual gaming sites as well as being part of the increase in mobile app development. In addition to this they have helped to make using e-wallets and cryptocurrency as a payment method a more viable option. While online casinos were not the first sites to allow these methods, their wholesale acceptance of them as a method has helped to jump start the increase in safety for these methods.

Traditional Payment Methods

While online casinos have been accepting of more modern payment methods, they still haven’t closed the door on more traditional methods. Credit and debit cards, wire transfers and in some cases even cheques are all available at online casinos as deposit and withdrawal methods. This means that if you want to use a traditional payment method you should be able to do so. You can always look at a site such as in order to find a casino that covers all of your requirements. Even though modern methods are becoming more popular all of the time, traditional payment methods still take up a significant chunk of the market, especially amongst older players who may not have access to an e-wallet.

Modern Payment Methods

Modern payment methods have moved forwards at an incredible rate in recent years. The two biggest processors on the market are without a doubt Neteller and PayPal. While PayPal have only recently started to begin working with online casinos, Neteller have been working with them for many years. At one point Neteller worked with 85% of the online casinos in the world! Despite this there are still some countries in Asia and Africa that do not allow online gambling or have extreme restrictions in place. Hong Kong, Singapore and Turkey based users all have restrictions in place that stop them from being able to make deposits to gambling based sites. While this is expected to be relaxed in time, it does limit the popularity somewhat for more modern methods.

The Future of Payment Methods

While it might look as though there is nowhere else for payment methods to go, this is not the case. There are still a number of countries that have large numbers of restrictions in place for online gambling, which is why there are a limited number of options for Canadian players. This is why a lot of online casinos are embracing the use of cryptocurrency based payments. This is actually a small step from using e-wallets as many of them, such as Neteller and Skrill, allow for customers to store cryptocurrency in them already. Because cryptocurrency is harder to trace than more traditional currencies, it may create a way for players in restricted countries to make a deposit without breaking the law. While only a small number of casinos have adopted cryptocurrency payments so far, it’s only a matter of time before they spread to the majority.

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