Aussie Many Millions Update: Bryn Kenney wins the Main Event; Katz takes the 100k

The penultimate round-up from the Aussie Millions with Bryn Kenney winning the Centerpiece, as well as Cary Katz taking down the AUD 100,000 Difficulty.

Bryn Kenney has one objective: to get to the summit of The Hendon Mob All-Time Cash Listing.

Kenney has actually won 17-titles throughout the world.

The Aussie Many millions Main Event drew in a document crowd for the second succeeding year, and also it was Kenney who transformed the final table short-stack into a win, in the 822-entrant event.

Last Table Establish

  • Seat 1: Mike Del Vecchio– 5,465,000 (109 bb).
  • Seat 2: Andrew Hinrichsen– 5,300,000 (106 bb).
  • Seat 3: Hamish Crawshaw– 3,640,000 (73 bb).
  • Seat 4: Gyeong Byeong Lee– 1,540,000 (31 bb).
  • Seat 5: Matthew Wakeman– 4,010,000 (80 bb).
  • Seat 6: Bryn Kenney– 920,000 (18 bb).
  • Seat 7: Clinton Taylor– 3,845,000 (77 bb).
  • 6 players; one idea– “Do not double up Kenney.”

They did.


After Hinrichsen had gotten rid of Crawshaw in seventh location AJ > QQ, Kenney increased, first through Del Vecchio when his AJ defeated A2, and afterward with Lee winning a flip AK > JJ. Lee’s staying chips most likely to Hinrichsen when JT defeated AK thanks to a ten on the flop when all-in, pre-flop, and also by now, Hinrichsen had more than double the chips of his closest contender.

Wakeman exited fifth after a cooler saw his pocket queens run slap, bang, and wallet right into the pocket aces of Clinton Taylor.

  • Hinrichsen– 11,325,000.
  • Taylor– 6,435,000.
  • Kenney– 4,800,000.
  • Del Vecchio- 2,025,000.

Taylor hit the imprison 4th after losing a flip to Hinrichsen AK<99 to end a touring force of a run that saw the pub game grinder turn a $130 satellite into $350,417.

With blinds at 15k/30k, Foxen opened to 65,000 from early position, and Jack Salter called in the hijack seat. Both players checked to Fourth Street on Td7h3hKd; Foxen checked, Salter, bet 95,000, and Foxen called. The 5s fell on the river, Foxen checked for the third time, and Salter moved all-in for 366,000. Foxen burned through multiple time extension chips before making the call with pocket sixes for the fourth pair, and Salter showed pocket aces for the win.

Salter hit the rail in fifth place after shipping 20 bigs with pocket eights over an open from Katz, who was holding AQo, and an ace and queen hit the flop to send the Brit spiraling out of the competition.

Kempe’s amazing Aussie Millions ended with a fourth-place finish after a cooler saw him run AQdd into the pocket kings of Passet. The German went on a little run after the elimination of Kempe, taking the chip lead, until Katz found pocket aces to double into the lead AA>< 99 to finish a scenic tour force of a run that saw the pub game mill turn a$ 130 satellite right into $350,417.

Moving right into the three-handed activity, Kenney had a great deal of job to do.

  • Hinrichsen– 15,910,000.
  • Del Vecchio– 6,400,000.
  • Kenney– 2,935,000.

Then came important double up for Kenney after moving all-in holding A5dd in the tiny blind, and also Del Vecchio calling, and shedding from the big blind, holding K7dd.

  • Hinrichsen– 15,365,000.
  • Kenney– 4,870,000.
  • Del Vecchio– 4,830,000.

Then Kenney scrapped his method into a chip lead that would alter hands over the next hundred hands, till the 3 sat down as well as discussed an offer, turning the verdict of the most prominent event in the Southern Hemisphere into a wet squib.

Kenney wouldn’t move.

He wanted the win.

Both gave it to him.

The$ 923,269 that Kenney collected methods he’s now gained$ 26,623,758 in live event earnings, good enough for a 9th place coating. Dan Smith quits of the Leading 10, and also Phil Ivey takes tenth– just one more$ 19m to go, Bryn.

Final Table Outcomes.

  1. Bryn Kenney–$ 923,269 *.
  2. Mike Del Vecchio–$ 922,953 *.
  3. Andrew Hinrichsen–$ 796,410 *.
  4. Clinton Taylor– $350,417.
  5. Mathew Wakeman– $275,908.
  6. Gyeong Byeong Lee–$ 224,180.
  7. Hamish Crawshaw–$ 175,571. *

Indicates a three-way offer.

Cary Katz Wins The AUD 100,000 Obstacle. Unlike the Main Event, the AUD 100,000 Challenge didn’t damage any kind of records, but it’s still a significant minute in the Aussie Million’s make every effort to restore their setting as one of the money player capitals of the texas hold’em globe.

The event drew in 42-entrants, the third biggest area in the festival’s 14-year history, as well as Cary Katz covered the area to catch the$ 1,066,867 first prize after beating Johannes Becker, heads-up.

It’s the 2nd time Katz has won a major High Roller outside of the ARIA (he is the king with 53 ITM coatings), after winning the $100,000 at the PokerStars Caribbean Journey (PCA) last year for$ 1,492,340.

3 individuals are worthy of unique reference in addition to Katz. As well as it was great to see Bicknell shooting numerous bullets into an AUD 100,000 area. Poker‘s highest tier has actually been missing out on a female bastion given that Vanessa Selbst left the game to sign up with Bridgwater Associates. Katz took the chip to introduce Day 2, as well as despite sharing it several times throughout the final day, never ever inched out of the leading 5 chip counts.

By the time the final table appeared, the Global Poker Index’s (GPI) ideal man and also female gamers held the elderly positions in Bicknell as well as her sweetheart Alex Foxen.

Foxen’s grip loosened up in the complying with hand.

Katz has now won $ 18.4 m in real-time competition earnings.

It was his first-ever win on Australian soil.

Final Table Outcomes.

  1. Cary Katz– $ 1,066,867.
  2. Johannes Becker– $ 681,610.
  3. Abraham Passet– $ 444,528.
  4. Rainer Kempe– $ 325,987.
  5. Jack Salter– $ 329,280.
  6. Kristen Bicknell– $ 207,446.

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