Ethereum Lottery Public Release

It is 2018, and we stand on the cusp of a technological revolution. Earlier last year, we have seen the surge of global interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the like, resulting in massive investments and a flood and rush of opportunities to make it big in the cryptocurrency gold rush. From these innovations of the blockchain technology, we see a brand new innovative idea that has started to take form on the internet – blockchain powered lottery. Lotto powered by the Ethereum smart contracts.

Stand a chance to snatch the jackpot of more than USD3.8 billion and counting! is your portal to the first fully decentralized and transparent cryptocurrency lottery managed by an Ethereum smart contract. All your lottery bets and results are public and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain without third party involvement.

The lottery is operated by a fully independent Ethereum smart contract serving as a self-amending regulatory guarantor. The whole process is held on the Ethereum blockchain. You are guaranteed total anonymity in this crypto lottery and instant ticket purchase. No prior deposit process is required – you pay directly with the Ether digital currency (ETH) from your digital wallets. Payouts are immediate, secure and anonymous after each lottery drawing! Your lottery bet placements are nearly instantaneous (under one minute), and results are announced in the third block mined after your bet is placed onto the blockchain (approximately one minute wait). Your Ethereum winnings are paid out instantly!

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What is Ethereum and Ether (ETH)?

Ethereum is a worldwide network of “nodes” run by volunteers from across the world – forming a “world computer”. It is decentralized, meaning that there is no single computer in control of the network – anyone can join this network as a node, even you, and share the processing power of this network. The idea of Ethereum is so that the data is not stored on only one place on the network, making it difficult to go “offline”. At the same time, technology allows only the user to make changes to the data they own.

Ether (or ETH) is the digital currency portion of the Ethereum network. It is a cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin. Ether is used as “digital oil” in the Ethereum network to pay for computational resources – giving it real-world value.

What are Ethereum smart contracts?

Ethereum smart contracts are programs on the Ethereum network set up to run exactly according to the requirement of their creators. This means that once a smart contract is released into the Ethereum network, it will run as programmed, and cannot be modified. In the context of the Ethereum lottery, this means that the process is automated, and your crypto lottery draws and results are 100% fair and without third-party interference!

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