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What’s on the chef’s special menu today?

Let the otherworldly dishes whet your appetite and whisk you away on the ultimate dining experience on the Harvey online digital slots game, where you can win real life Malaysian Ringgit in cash! Play this slots game today on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – EMP88.com!

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Enter a world of high cuisine and impeccable fine dining with the Harveys online digital slots machine. When you open up this slots game client, you are presented with some important choices that will ultimately decide and greatly influence the number of your winnings when you make matches on the reels. In this game, you will have to select the coin size, the lines, and the coins before you start rolling for your spins. The coin size decides the amount in MYR that each coin you put into the slots game will represent. The coins will be the number of coins that you wish to wager on each of your spins. The greater amount that you bet on each of your spins, the bigger your winnings will be whenever you make matches! Go for gold and bet it big! The lines will be the number of lines you wish to bet your coins on. This game lets you select from one to twenty-five lines. Be sure to bet on the maximum amount of lines so that you can have the greatest chance of making matches. If you wish to streamline and simplify your betting experience in this slots game, simply select the Bet Max button next to the Spin button. This button will automatically select the biggest amount from all of the previously mentioned options. Bet the maximum amount on each of your spins so that you can maximize your gains and your potential winnings! Don’t miss out!

The Wild symbol in the Harveys slots game is represented by the Chef symbol. Be sure to keep a lookout for these symbols! The Wild symbol will help you increase your chances of winning by making more matches – it will substitute for all other symbols that appear on the slots reels except for scattering symbols.

The Scatter symbols are another important symbol to look out for on each of your spins. The Scatter symbol is represented by the Scatter Mints Packets symbols. Scatter symbols pay left to right, and wins are added to pay line wins. Wins are multiplied by the total number of credits staked. Furthermore, the Scatter symbols on reels two and four also instantly grant you the Free Spin feature in the Harveys slots game! In this special Free Spins feature, you can win up to thirty (30) free spins at a twenty-five times (25x) multiplier! All bets and lines played are the same as the game that started the free spins, and the free spins can be re-triggered when you hit the Scatter symbols on reels two and four!

Whenever you make matches and win during your spins on the Harveys slots game, you are presented with the Gamble feature that appears on the game buttons. Hit the Gamble button that appears and you will be taken into the Gamble feature of this slots game. In this mini game, the rules are simple – simply select between Red and Black, or choose between one of the four card suits. The card in the middle will flip over and if you have selected the correct color matching the card, you immediately double up (2x) your winnings! If you have selected the correct card suit out of the four, you immediately quadruple (4x) your winnings! You can either choose to continue your hot streak and keep gambling your winnings until you are satisfied! When you are sure you have won enough, hit the Collect button to cash out your winnings! Rush towards the top for an easy win with this feature!

The Harveys online slots game also features the very convenient Auto Play function. Access this special function by hitting the Expert button on the left, and then hitting AutoPlay. You may set the slots game to automatically spin itself from five up to five hundred times. You can also manage your risk and set the machine to automatically stop spinning if you manage to hit a win that exceeds or equals a certain amount. Be the smart player and let the machine win itself for you while you kick back and focus on the things that matter in your life!

Play Harveys Slots Game today!

Do fine dining as you have never before on the Harveys online digital slots game. Spin on this delightful slots game and stand a chance to win real life Malaysian Ringgit in cash when you play on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia today – EMP88.com!

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